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  MANUFACTURING BUSINESS MINH THU CO., LTD  specializes in manufacturing and trading of plastic products. Over the course of operation and development, now our company is one of the professional manufacturer supplying various kinds of plastic products serve for family activities; senior plastic products serving the packaging market for food, chemicals, and other products used in beverage ... is one of the companies with export volumes of plastic sharply in recent years .

          The key products of the MANUFACTURING BUSINESS MINH THU CO., LTD  like plastic baskets, belts, ...


          With the motto of "ALL FOR CUSTOMER INTERESTS" .MANUFACTURING BUSINESS MINH THU CO., LTD  confident can meet good all requirements of the customer to our company.


We are honored to serve you!


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  • 03:43 - 08/12/2015

    Plastic baskets are made of polypropylene copolymer, with many different colors (blue, green, red, yellow, ...) lot size. Plastic baskets are often used to contain fruit commodity items in everyday life.

  • 04:22 - 08/12/2015

    Products made from plastic used very common in households for drinking water containers, food ... however, consumers can not distinguish between the products with high safety or the deposit product may cause damage to health during use.

  • 04:01 - 08/12/2015

    If you are intending to dispose of excess pieces of PVC pipe, try reading through ways to make a great piece of useless water pipe became extremely beautiful decorations and useful. Maybe you'll have to change his intention that!

  • 04:32 - 08/12/2015

    The superiority of the plastic baskets are very high durability, high load capacity and meets all the requirements of users. Products will be very useful when used in the warehouse, factory and factory plants, fruit bowl, ...