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Leverage excess plastic pipe creates wonderful household items

If you are intending to dispose of excess pieces of PVC pipe, try reading through ways to make a great piece of useless water pipe became extremely beautiful decorations and useful. Maybe you'll have to change his intention that!


PVC pipe usually used for water system in housing. After completing the work, the remaining short pipe segments and we usually discard them. But did you know that just spend a little time and ingenuity, you were able to turn those seemingly useless piece tube becomes place for shoes, clothes hanger or anything if you have enough creativity.

Check out these great things are made from PVC pipe

1. Price calabash


An extremely simple method to reuse the plastic pipe sections. And it looks like a wine rack European expensive


2. Brew glove


You can also turn them into the Glass Containers lovable polar sundries for your baby. Surely she will immensely enjoy this cup of it

3. Canister Towel


Winter has come and it would be great to take the towel canister Handmade simple yet less expensive area like this. You can also use the tubes to the larger containers shirt or shirt

4. Shoe


If you have too many shoes and afraid to work to arrange them neatly in shoe closet, then a shoe rack with plastic pipe will be a perfect choice.

5. Vase flower


The vase made of glass, porcelain was too familiar and boring to you? then try to create a vase plastic tube is unique in their own offline

6. Seats


If you have a baby, then just spend a little time you will have assembled the right one seat for children both durable and lightweight extremely creative again.

7. Pipe brush


But the canister is lovely this brush are correct. You also allows unleash decorations, craft their own tube there

8. Pipe chopsticks


Just add a few small plastic tube into his house Chopsticks is you've got a new wand tube with multiple compartments for sorting spoons, forks and chopsticks

9. Space for box


You will no longer have to worry when wet floor has a simple umbrella canister and effective like this

10. Price clothesline


If you do not want to spend much money on a clothesline metal prices, try to take advantage of the water pipes of yourselves.